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About Us

Better Diagnostics, Better Life

AnchorDx, established in Guangzhou International Bio Island in 2015, has set up R&D centers in China and the United States. It is committed to the R&D, production and sales of early cancer screening and diagnosis products using internationally leading high-throughput methylation sequencing and is able to provide the corresponding detection services. The founder, Dr. Jianbing Fan, is an international leading figure in the field of genetic testing, was included in the 2021 "World's Top 2% Scientists - Lifetime Scientific Impact List" and has  30 years of experience in the development of human genomics, Microarrays and high-throughput sequencing technologies.

AnchorDx is a pioneer of applying ctDNA high-throughput methylation sequencing technology in early detection of tumors in China. Focusing on two major lines: "a tube of blood" and "a tube of urine", AnchorDx has developed products covering more than 70% of high-incidence cancers, such as lung cancer, breast cancer, digestive system cancer and urinary system cancer, throughout the process of early cancer screening, early diagnosis, recurrence monitoring and companion diagnostics.

In addition, AnchorDx also has independently developed a big data and AI platform centered on early screening, early diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer. By now, AnchorDx has applied for 82 patents at home and abroad (32 patented), all of which are proprietary and original. Its scientific research findings have been included in many important international academic journals, laying an important foundation for global commercialization.

30 years
Nearly 30 years of experience
in technology development
2 Major
Two major lines:
“a tube of blood” and “a tube of urine”
70 %
Cover more than 70%
of high-incidence cancers
100,000 +
More than 100,000
people benefited

Better Diagnostics, Better Life

Jianbing Fan the Founder and CEO of AnchorDx
  • 1982~1985
    Studied with a dream

    1982, graduated from Fudan University


    1985, conferred with a Master's Degree by Shanghai Institute of Cell Biology, CAS

  • 1986~1996
    Studied genomics abroad

    1986~1992, conferred with a Doctoral Degree in human genetics by Columbia University USA


    1992~1996, carried out postdoctoral research at the human genome centers of UCSF and Stanford University and independently led the research teams to conduct the technical work related to genomic research

  • 1996~2015
    Dug into research and paid attention to accumulation of practical experience

    1996, after completing the postdoctoral research, Dr. Fan worked for biochip giant Affymetrix. As a key member, he led the development of technologies/products including SNP Genotyping, laying a solid foundation for genome wide association study (GWAS)


    1999, he was invited to join Illumina as a senior CTO and a founding employee (job number 23), led the R&D of a series of technologies/products including BeadArray technology and led the team to complete the clinical certification of the world’s first high-throughput sequencing platform by US FDA

  • 2015~Now
    Returned to China and joined the precision medicine industry

    2015, returned to China and established AnchorDx to start a new journey of cancer screening based on gene sequencing

    2016, a finalist and guest judge of "National Major Talent Project"

    2022, included in "Global Top 100,000 Scientists" and ranked 151st in the sector of Chinese clinical medicine (biology)

    2022, included in World's Top 2% Scientists – "Lifetime Scientific Impact List"

    2022, included in Elsevier "Highly Cited Chinese Researchers" list

    2023, selected into the Elsevier 2022 list of "Highly Cited Scholars in China"

Technology Development Team

The core R&D team members of AnchorDx are all from world-class universities. They have many years of experience in analysis of technologies related to precision medicine and bioinformatics, have gone in for R&D work in Illumina, a leading enterprise in the industry, for many years and always stay at the forefront of technology.

Marina Bibikova
Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer

Responsible for the research and development of technologies and products

A global leader in genetic technology and former chief scientist of Illumina

In the previous 20+ years, Marina has developed a series of technologies and products that have had a significant influence on the genomic industry.

Zhiwei Chen, Ph.D
Vice President of Technology Development

Responsible for the research and development of technologies and products for diagnostics

Responsible for the optimization of liquid biopsy assay at Illumina, which was later used at Grail

Responsible for companion diagnostics assay development at Thermo Fisher

Postdoctoral fellow at Washington State University and Sandia National Laboratories (Department of Energy)



PulmoSeekTM was recommended for Adjuvant Diagnosis in the Chinese Expert Consensus on Diagnosis of Early Lung Cancer (2023)  

Anchordx was selected as one of the "High Precison" enterprises in Guangzhou

PulmoSeekTM was recognized  as a famous high-tech product in Guangdong in 2022

Anchordx was won the list of "TOP50 Medical and Health Enterprises with the Most Investment Value in 2022"

PulmoSeek Plus research results were officially published in The Lancet Digital Health, a top international academic journal, with an impact factor of 30.8

Anchordx was awarded the "specialized special new" support plan to cultivate enterprises

Anchordx was Selected in the list of "Guangzhou's first 100 New Enterprises"


UriFind® won the First Prize for Science and Technology Progress in Guangdong Province

UriFind® was admitted to the priority approval channel of NMPA

UriFind® was identified as Guangdong Famous High-Tech Product

Anchordx obtained the title of annual top 10 enterprises under "Medical List of China Intelligent Diagnosis" - "Top10 in the Category of High-Throughput Sequencing for In Vitro Diagnosis"

PulmoSeekTM obtained IVDD-CE Mark from EU and an IVD European Access Permit from Dutch CIBG

PulmoSeekTM Plus product was firstly presented at ERS Conference and 2022 ESMO Conference

Anchordx reached a patent application transfer agreement with West China Hospital, Sichuan University


Completed series C financing of US$40 million

Succeeded in certification of ISO13485 quality management system

UriFind® detection technology was included in the China Guide on Diagnosis and Treatment of Bladder Cancer (2021)

UriFind® was identified as a breakthrough device (BTD) by US FDA

Research of PulmoSeekTM was published on The Journal of Clinical Investigation (IF=19.456)

Research of PulmoSeekTM Plus was presented at WCLC 2021

The pan-cancer methylation product jointly developed with Twist Bioscience was launched globally 

Anchordx obtained the accreditation of "Guangdong Research Center for Precision Medicine and AI-Aided Diagnosis of Tumors"


Identified as a national high-tech enterprise

PulmoSeek™️, a non-invasive genetic test for  diagnosis of pulmonary nodules, was launched

Anchordx Collaborates with Johnson & Johnson Lung Cancer Initiative (LCI) for early diagnosis of lung cancer study

UriFindTM obtained IVDD-CE certification from EU and an IVD European Access Permit from Dutch CIBG

The research of early diagnosis of bladder cancer was published on The Journal of Clinical Investigation (IF= 19.456)

Won the title of "Enterprise as a New Force of Health in China" from People's Daily Online

Identified as a "Technically Advanced Service Enterprise in Guangdong in 2022"


Launched UriFind®, a genetic testing product for non-invasive diagnosis of bladder cancer

Won the title of "Leading Team for Innovation in Guangzhou in 2018"

Established "Nankai University – AnchorDx Medical Data Research Center" together with Nankai University

Reached strategic cooperation with Illumina, a global leader in genetic technology


Reached an agreement with Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in exclusive patent licensing and cooperation 

Initiated the prospective large-scale clinical trials of the "Bell Program" together with Academician Nanshan Zhong

Obtained the funding of Guangdong Science and Technology Development Fund – Major Science and Technology Project in 2017 together with Southern Medical University and Nanfang Hospital

Won the titles of "Annual Top 10 Third-Party Medical Testing Platform Award of Asia-Pacific Precision Medicine", "Top 50 Innovative Biotechnology Enterprises in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area" and "Leading Team for Innovation in Guangzhou"


Complete series A+ and B financing, of US$38 million in total

Obtained LDT qualification for NGS-based clinical examination center (the first in China)

Approved as a national demonstration center for application of genetic testing technology in the second batch 

Initiated together with China Clinical Trial Cooperation Group (CCTC) the  Multicenter Clinical Study of High-Throughput ctDNA Methylation in Auxiliary Diagnosis of Pulmonary Nodules 

"Research on auxiliary diagnosis of pulmonary nodules by targeted ctDNA high-throughput methylation sequencing technology" applied for the first time in the world was presented at the Annual Conference of American Association for Cancer Research (AACR 2017) 


Guangzhou AnchorDx Medical Laboratory was established

For the first time, introduced the study of applying DNA methylation detection in tumor detection at the CSCO Conference (the first in China)

Won the title of "Leading Talent for Innovation in Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone"


AnchorDx was officially established

Complete series A financing of US$5 million

Honors & Qualification


Investor Relations

AnchorDx has completed series A, A+ and C financing in total of US$83 million; the cooperation of multiple international renowned investment institutions and industry leading enterprises indicates that the high-throughput sequencing technology and products of AnchorDx have a high growth potential, a broad development prospect and a significant market value and business potential.


Production & Quality

AnchorDx has built a GMP standard workshop of 1000 square meters, including a 10,000-grade workshop, a microbial limit room, a cell culture room and a 100,000-grade diagnostic reagent workshop.

In addition, it also has built an independent production quality control center, R&D laboratory and clinical testing center, each about 1,000 square meters, which can meet the requirements of NGS, PCR and other platforms for development, production and quality inspection of technologies and products. 

The company has established a quality management system (QMS) in accordance with ISO13485 and the Good Manufacturing Practice for Medical Devices and passed the international certification of ISO13485 quality system. 

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