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Non-invasive Urothelial Carcinoma Early Screening Test.

Disease Background

Globally, the incidence of bladder cancer ranks 9th among all malignant tumors, and the mortality rate ranks 13th among all tumors [1], which are high.
  • High potential incidence: The data released by the American Urological Association and the data from the health examination centers in China show that the incidence of hematuria in the people receiving health examination is about 5%; and about 8% of the patients with hematuria have bladder cancer[1].
  • The patients are getting younger: The disease can be seen in people at any age and shows a younger trend.
Early screening can effectively reduce the death rate of patients with bladder cancer
  • Early screening significantly reduces the risk of death: The proportion (10%) of the patients who received early screening and ended up with high-grade bladder cancer is significantly lower than that (60%) of the patients who did not receive screening; none of the people who received early screening died of bladder cancer and 20.4% of the people who did not receive screening died of bladder cancer[2] .
  • USA: The preventive medicine working group began in 2011 to recommend screening of bladder cancer in high-risk population[3].
  • China: In 2020, Shanghai Anti-Cancer Association recommended screening of bladder cancer in high-risk population in the Recommendation on Screening and Prevention of Common Malignant Tumors in Residents[4].

Product Advantages

  • 99
    Accuracy of low-risk results >
  • Make up for omission

    Bladder cancer test is usually not included in a health examination package. For UriInstantTM, a sample can be taken at home to easily detect bladder cancer.

  • Full coverage

    From a bottle of urine, 3 kinds of urinary tumors can be detected, including bladder urothelial carcinoma, renal pelvis carcinoma and ureteral carcinoma.

  • Comfortable and convenient

    With only 100ml of urine, the detection can be done, which is painless and convenient.

  • Stable performance

    The performance is verified by nearly 20,000 cases of real-world test data to be excellent.

Professional Recognition

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  • Inclusion in Guidelines

    The detection method was included and recommended in the Chinese Guidelines for Diagnosis and Treatment of Urological and Andrological Diseases (2022).

  • Certification of US FDA

    UriFind® earns "Breakthrough Device Designation" (BTD) from was identified as a breakthrough device (BTD) by U.S. FDA. The breakthrough technology has significant advantages and is in the best interest of patients compared with the existing products.

  • CE certification

    UriFind® obtained European Access Permit for in-vitro diagnostics devices (IVDD) authorized by the Netherlands CIBG.

  • Patent recognition

    The detection method was granted with a Chinese Invention Patent (patent No. ZL2019 1 1370095.5).

  • Awards & Honors
    First Prize for Science and Technology Progress in Guangdong Province in 2021

Target Users

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    Chronic Cigarette smokers

  • changqitangfaranfa.svg

    People who perm and dye their hair frequently

  • changqijiechuhuaxuepin.svg

    People exposed to chemicals for a long time

  • miniaoxizhongliujiazushi.svg

    People with a family history of urinary carcinoma

  • qitaminiaoxijibingshi.svg

    People with a history of other urinary diseases

  • changqifuyongzhongcaoyao.svg

    People who take Chinese herbal medicine for a long time

Note: Women are not advised to take samples in the menstrual period and pregnancy

Sample Collection and Service Process

Sample collection
  • 100ml of urine
Service process
  • Ordering online/offline
  • Sample Collection
  • Sample Transport
  • Testing and Analysis
  • Report Issuance
  • Report Interpretation Service


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