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PulmoSeek™️ Plus

Noninvasive liquid biopsy combined with CT imaging AI, to help distinguish benign and malignant pulmonary nodules in patients with pulmonary nodules.

Disease Background

Lung cancer ranks first in the number of new cases and the number of deaths.
  • 828,000 new cases of lung cancer and 657,000 of deaths from lung cancer[1] .
  • 5-year survival rate for early-stage lung cancer is over 90%, and less than 10% for late-stage.
Currently, the diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary nodules face many challenges
  • Low detection rate of early lung cancer:In China, the detection rate of early lung cancer is 20%, the 5-year survival rate for lung cancer patients is 19.7%[1] and the detection rate of pulmonary nodules in health examination population is 22.6% [2].
  • High false positive rate: The NLST research shows that the false positive rate of pulmonary nodules in LDCT detection is 96.4% [3].
  • High incidence of anxiety: Research shows that the incidence of anxiety in the patients with pulmonary nodules is 59%[4].
  • High excessive treatment rate:Of the nodules which are highly suspected to be malignant based on imaging and clinical judgment, 30%-40% are benign lesions after surgery[5].

Product Advantages

  • 98.1
  • 91.7
  • 97.3
  • Noninvasive

    Only 10 ml of peripheral blood and CT-DICOM image data are needed.

  • Professional

    The results were published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation (2022 IF=15.9) and The Lancet Digital Health (2022 IF=30.8). PulmoSeek™ is CE Mark certified and recommended by the Chinese Expert Consensus on Early Lung Cancer Diagnosis (2023 edition). The benchmark has obtained ISO13485:2016 international certification

  • Intelligent National invention patent

    NGS methylation detection intelligent analysis + image AI smart diagnosis, to assure stable performance.

  • Innovative

    National invention patent, to ensure accurate detection, AnchorlRIS® library building technology related invention patents: methylation DNA detection method [patent No. : ZL20170063335.1], DNA ligase mediated DNA amplification technology [patent No. : 201710206888.8].

International Recognition

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  • Thunder Project: To verify the performance of PulmoSeek Plus to distinguish benign and malignant pulmonary nodules in the real world

    Academician Nanshan Zhong: "We hope to demonstrate that through clinical trials, AnchorDx's non-invasive relevant testing products can achieve early diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer in the real world for the benefit of patients, thus reflecting the socio-economic benefits in the entire health care system, as well as rewriting guidelines and becoming the gold standard"

  • American Society of Clinical Oncology

    In 2023, Professor Liang Wenhua presented the latest research results of PulmoSeekTM Plus V2.0 at the American Society of Clinical Oncology

  • CE certification

    In 2022, PulmoSeek™ Plus obtained IVDD-CE Mark from EU and an IVD European Access Permit from Dutch CIBG.

  • ERS International Congress

    In 2022, Academician Nanshan Zhong presented the research findings of PulmoSeek™ Plus at the International Congress of European Respiratory Society (ERS).

  • World Conference on Lung Cancer (WCLC)

    In 2021, PulmoSeek™ Plus was presented at the World Conference on Lung Cancer (WCLC).

  • Awards & Honors
    2021 Top 10 Excellent Total Solutions for Cancer
  • Awards & Honors
    Top 10 enterprises in the "In Vitro Diagnostics High-Throughput Sequencing Top 10" category in China Smart Diagnostic Medicine List 2021
  • Awards & Honors
    A unit of Guangdong Research Center for Precision Medicine and AI-Aided Diagnosis of TumorsGuangdong Tumor Precision Medicine and Artificial Intelligence Aided Diagnosis Engineering Technology Research Center

Target Users

Patients with 5-30mm pulmonary nodules

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    Initial CT scan revealed an uncertain lung nodule that was difficult to diagnose on 5-8mm imaging

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    Patients with 5-30mm solid/subsolid nodules found on CT at first visit seek scientific management

  • c2_icon07-960.svg

    During the follow-up period, the nodules showed certain characteristic changes, and it was necessary to distinguish benign and malignant

  • c2_icon08-795.svg

    Multiple pulmonary nodules requiring surgical decision making

Sample Collection and Service Process

Sample collection
  • 10ml blood
  • +
  • CT-DICOM data
Service process
  • Test counseling
  • Sample collection
  • PulmoSeek™️ Plus test
  • Report issuance
  • After-sales support


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