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AnchorDx Customer Service Center

AnchorDx Customer Service Center has established a sound customer service system from multiple aspects including pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale under the working principle of "Customer Foremostc, Service First" to constantly improve customer experience and operating efficiency and provide high-quality, efficient and all-round services for customers.

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    AnchorDx treats customers sincerely, emphasizes quality, seeks truth, strictly controls product quality and strives to provide the best products and services for customers.

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    AnchorDx has opened online manual service, message consultation , hotline 400 and other channels for problem feedback. The customers can contact us anytime anywhere. We are committed to providing convenient, fast and efficient service support for customers.

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    The products make customers at ease and confident, and the communication makes customers comfortable and rest assured.

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    F5, No. 8, Luoxuan 3rd Road, Guangzhou International Bio Island, Canton, Guangdong, China

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    Service hours: 9:00-18:00, Monday ~ Friday

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  • Q
    Who are suitable for UriFind test?
    Suitable crowd:
    1. Chronic smokers;
    2. People with a family history of bladder cancer;
    3. People with a history of occupational exposure to paints, dyes, metals or petroleum products;
    4. Patients who have received a pelvic radiotherapy;
    5. People who ever took anticancer drugs such as cyclophosphamide or ifosfamide; people who ever took Chinese herbal medicines containing aristolochic acid, such as aristolochia fangchi, aristolochia recurvilabra, herba aristolochiae, berba aristolochiae mollissimae, and aristolochia cinnabarina;
    6. People drinking water with high arsenic content; people who ever drank water treated with chlorine;
    7. People with a history of recurrent acute and chronic bladder infections, including schistosoma-induced bladder infections;
    8. People who use catheters for a long time.
  • Q
    Who are suitable for UriFind®️ test?
    Suitable crowd:
    1. Patients with visible hematuria;
    2. Patients with suspected urothelial carcinoma (cancers of bladder and upper urinary tract);
    3. Patients who pay subsequent visits 3, 6, 9, 12 months or an even longer time after urothelial carcinoma surgery;
    4. Patients who consider secondary electrotomy within 2 to 6 weeks after bladder cancer surgery.
  • Q
    What services will be provided if high risk is detected?
    If high risk is detected, we will provide worry-free examination service.
  • Q
  • Q
    What is the relation between DNA methylation and tumor?
    The abnormal methylated modification to gene will change gene functions. In tumor cells, the expression of tumor suppressor genes is silenced after hypermethylation, while oncogenes are activated after demethylation. Abnormal gene expression can accelerate cell division and proliferation, promote disease development, and eventually lead to tumorigenesis.
  • Q
    Can UriFind®️ test detect bladder cancer?
    UriFind®️ test can be the assistance of bladder cancer diagnosis. The adhesion between cancer cells is lower than that between normal cells, and bladder cancer cells are more likely to shed into urine. The presence of normal/cancerous cells in urine provides a scientific basis and material foundation for UriFind®️ test.